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Handmade Ceramic Vessel by rrres

We're big fans of product designer Javier Reyes and the amazing work of the artisans he partners with to fabric his creations.  (Javier also designed the oversized Woven Palm Totems elsewhere on this site).  These ceramic vessels are so timeless but they feel somehow contemporary.  They are sealed to hold water so you can use one as a vase.  Or cluster a grouping on top of a shelf or mantel piece.

Each piece is handmade and unique. 

Dimensions: RW1 10 x 12.5" high; RW2 7X 13"h; RW4 7 x 13"h; RW5 10 x 12.5"h; RW7 7 x 8.5"h; RW9 7 x 10.25"h; RW11 8 x 11"h; RW12 7 x13"h.

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