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What We Do

It’s like trying to explain your 21 Century job to your grandparents - we get that not everyone knows exactly what interior designers do. (We feel for you Social Media Strategists!) And not all interior designers are the same.  We specialize in full service, personalized residential interior design. Good design is truly a collaboration between a designer, client and a space. And while we won’t force you into a style that doesn’t suit you, we do give you a little push outside your comfort zone.  It’s why you hired us.  We strive to create spaces which are well edited, thoughtfully designed, beautiful and functional.  Whether it’s designing a single room or a complete house from the ground up, full service means we’re with you from conception through post project care.

We are available for projects in Chicago, Northern Michigan, and throughout the MidWest.

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Interior Design & Interior Architecture

You wouldn’t want us to personally install your bathtub -- you need experts for various parts of your project.  Our expertise is design.    We create beautiful spaces because with years of experience we are skilled in space planning, decorating, ergonomics, and most importantly, listening.  We provide technical drawings, specify materials, and select furnishings, art, and decor. We will partner with the other professionals involved to make sure your design vision is realized and your new space functions better than you could have imagined.

Project Management

Having a completed design is the first step to an organized and budget friendly project.  But once the design is turned over to the trade professionals we are on hand to keep schedules on track, clarify design changes in the field, and devise solutions.  While you relax and dream about your new space we’ll keep things running smoothly.

Professional Referrals

The solution to a stress free design project is having a good team.  If you need referrals  we can help. We have vetted many professionals over the years and we can refer contractors, architects, and other resources we trust to follow through.  Having worked together previously means we can hit the ground running and avoid delays and miscommunications. 

Post Project Care

When the project is completed we won’t disappear.   To be honest, we get to know our clients so well we usually stay in touch anyway.  But we’re also committed to providing post project care like warranty issues, etc. 

How To Get Started

Here are some tips for finding the right interior designer and for fostering a stress free project.
• Good communication between both parties is key.  Pretend you are hiring a hairdresser or therapist (sometimes the same thing).
• Be prepared.  Have an idea of what room(s) you want to do and what’s not working with the current space.
• Build trust from the start.  Don’t hold back!  Be honest about your goals and expectations.  Especially in the beginning, don’t be afraid to ask questions.
• Be specific.  Do you eat in front of the TV?  Brush your teeth in the shower?  There’s no such thing as too much information.
• Plan for success.  It is much better to have one completed room than three half finished rooms.  If the budget doesn’t allow for the complete project to happen at once your designer can work with you on a timeline.

To start the conversation about your design project please complete the form below.  We’ll follow up via email to schedule a phone call so we can learn more about your project, share more details about our process, and answer any questions you have.   We look forward to hearing from you.

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